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Aloe Vera spring mattress and Borreguito Morfeo

Mattress springs Aloe Vera and Borreguito Morfeo
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Aloe Vera spring mattress and Borreguito Morfeo
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This crib mattress is characterized by a manufactured face fabric borreguito, more comfortable and warm for winter, and over the other side of the mattress made of fabric, more delicate and careful with the baby's skin aloe vera in the months hotter. Features: High durability Extra Soft lining Breathable Face winter spring and summer face. CFC-free product and adhesives Suitable for babies up to 2 years old. Meets the safety standard UNE 53231: 1991, 1334: 1996 and 1280011992 Measurements: 117 cm long x 57 cm wide x 14 cm Weight: 6 kg

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