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Bugaboo Dots Pink seat cover

Bugaboo Dots Pink seat cover
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Rectangular mattress for the Bugaboo chair, corresponding to the Dots Rosa collection. Universal cover for optimal protection of the child seat against dirt and wear. Materials designed and tested for children's use. With matching harness cover as a gift to prevent the belt from rubbing against the child's neck. Quick and easy to assemble thanks to its elastic straps and it adapts to most car seats. Very pleasant for your children * The absorbent material provides the optimal climate and comfort for your baby in the car seat. Optimum protection for the car seat (saliva or food). Keep your stroller looking like new. The back has breathable 3D fabric, which provides an air chamber between the car and the child to facilitate perspiration. With vertical openings to remove the belts and lower eyelet (closed as a guarantee seal, it must be opened by the end customer) to insert the crotch belt. Your car seat will look like new even after prolonged use. Rubber bands and straps to attach more securely. Measurements: 53 x 96 cm. Wash at 30º. Made 100% in Spain.

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