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Sock 3D rattle rose SARO

Sock 3D rattle rose SARO
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Sock 3D rattle rose SARO
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Funny Sock Rattles-orange color brand Saro. This is a pair of socks that have attached two sonejeros that will entertain and draw the attention of the baby. Why buy these rattles-sock ?. Is a toy that helps stimulate stimuli and psychomotor of the baby. He will discover that in the move their feet or legs, noise rattles, so that helps you associate a movement with an auditory stimulus is issued.       Funny socks with bright colors and bright (orange, yellow, pink and blue) They have a funny drawing of a bear that keeps inside a rattle so that when the baby moves his feet, the sound attracts attention and thus we stimulate their sensory and psychomotor development. We have different models with different colors so you can choose the one you like.

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