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Casilda Bellota 3 in 1 Cuckoo Bag

Casilda Bellota 3 in 1 Cuckoo Bag
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The Casilda cuckoo bag from Pasito a Pasito is a baby sleeping bag made of flower fabric and a soft and fresh acorn-colored fabric. It is designed on the back with a layer of breathable material that isolates moisture and prevents excessive sweating of the baby, making the walk more comfortable. Once the base is removed, it becomes a light mat for the stroller. Removable hollow fiber filling. It is a basic 3-in-1 accessory that can be used at home to cover the Group 0 baby carrier and also works very well as a carrycot cover. It is completely universal because it has several openings (eyelets) and adjustments necessary to adapt it to most baby carriers, baby carriers and strollers inside. A very useful and versatile accessory for your baby's things. Prepare your girl/boy's pink nest with a lot of love and decorate her/his dreams with a different touch wherever you place it. It is made of soft and warm fabric in an acorn-colored tone. A padded and fluffy blanket that allows you to enjoy a more pleasant rest with its cozy nest shape. It is a beautiful, simple and comfortable design that creates a nest for your baby, keeping them covered and protected on breezy days. The bag adapts without problems to any car to give you the comfort you need. Quality finishes. All our covers are manufactured in accordance with the most demanding European regulations, with high quality materials, free of azo dyes, phthalates and substances harmful to health. Easy-to-clean fabric, machine wash at 30º is recommended. Pasito a Pasito baby products have a very different design from all the others. Their collections are characterized by detailed work, always thought from a practical point of view. They use top quality materials to highlight the elegance and harmony in each of their pieces. Our models are exclusive and have an unmistakable style, designed for today's parents who enjoy good taste and who appreciate details as much as we do. Materials: 100% cotton. Color: Acorn. Universal size.

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