What should have a bucket of newborn

Soon, when people get married, have a baby think that sooner or later will come. Baby arrival is always cause for great joy and when the baby is in the womb of the mother the first thing you think of is sex of child, a boy or a girl be? Who do you look like? There are many things that mothers can imagine, and one in particular is the baby layette and colors which will be directed by sex of the baby.

The second thing you wonder is when will come? In winter? In the summer? Lots to think and plan about it, but not get mad and burden yourself unnecessary purchases to stay with laughter in the closet, keep in mind that you will get many gifts from friends and family, so you should only buy what strictly necessary, this will despreocuparás and be free of tensiones.Enviar

However, even before the baby is born, you should worry about numerous tools that are part of the trousseau of the baby. So it is very common to be promoted famous tea diapers, which are usually organized by pregnant or familiar with his friends wife, who is a practical, easy and inexpensive to start putting together baby layette way.


We all know it is not cheap to have a baby these days, so it is common to economize on baby layette and related products. For the best cleaning and walking with the baby is important to assemble a kit with baby wipes, diapers, water bottle, thermos, ointment for diaper rash, among others.


As we saw earlier, newcomers to the world require a lot of care, not only with food but also with their clothes and places where they sleep. Therefore, baby clothing requires a lot of quality and also, obviously, because parents always want the best for their children. There are baby clothes for all situations and occasions. We have clothes to leave the house, we have clothes for winter, we sleepwear or stay home, have appropriate clothing for the summer and for colder days.

Anyway, baby clothing is something that requires great care and patience of parents who are certainly very demanding when it comes to caring for their children and find everything with love and affection.



To Choose the products to the basket?
Riding outfit for your baby can be an adventure for new parents, but ideally start planning the purchase of layette know as pregnancy, reserve time for your purchase even before pregnancy.

Many factors are important to consider: the weather station, the daily grind at home, the child's sex. All families who have been through it agrees that the important thing is not to overdo shopping anyway clothing changes from time to time.


We detail the necessary and basic to build your cage your baby
or 6-Bodys 100% cotton practical and easy to put on.

or two baby leggings

or two cotton pajamas

or two booties and mittens albeit in summer

or 1 Cotton Hat

o 1 bag cage out of the hospital

or two Arrullo

or 2 Ply Bathroom

o 1 blanket or shawl

Cream or lotion or special hypo allergenic newborn

or wipes for sensitive skin

Creams or irritations

o 1 bag vanity or maternity

or Baby Shower, brush, cologne, wipes ...

or 20 Diapers

Clothing and Newborn



Necessary for Mom
or wash bag: hair brush, gel, shampoo, Bodymilk, cologne, toothbrush, toothpaste •

or compresses.

or comfortable shoes or sandals.

to 6 Brief paper throwaway sold in pharmacies.

Nursing bras or two.

or two nightshirts or robes, which you are most comfortable.

or comfortable clothing and preferably rubber as directed for the day of departure.

or clinical history of pregnancy, analytical, ultrasound and reports made.

or Analytical Last coagulation tests

or DNI and Family Book