Guide barriers bed


Usually around age two is the right time when you need to change the baby from his crib to bed, either at a regular bed or specially adapted for age. As always, every baby or child it is a completely different world, so the recommended age is something that tells us about the moment though, there are children better rest on the breadth of a bed and others however are more reluctant to make the change.

What is clear is that it is important for them and also for dads change, because now the fear that they might fall out of bed in the middle of night comes.

For that in the market exist many bed barriers that will prevent children can leave or fall of their beds.


What are the main characteristics that we consider to choose the bed barrier?


  • Barrier materials and specifications bed.

There are barriers bed wood, metal, aluminum ... there are different finishes to try to adjust to consumer tastes to suit the composition of the children's rooms as they wish. There is more sober and classic or other models with children's drawings, colorful different, to suit those ages.

  • Bedding in which the barrier will be installed bed

The type of bed in which we intend to put the barrier as well as the length of this must be taken into account.

If it is a single bed options are greater, but also depends on the length of the bed and how is located (for example, if it is an isolated bed will be necessary to place a double barrier system to protect the child from possible falls from both sides)

On the other hand, if it is a pull-out bed or bed-furniture and want a folding barrier, we need to look at the height at which the folding point it is, to make it accessible and we can really bring it down.

Aesthetically, though not something transcendental, you should also consider how you want to make the bed, ie, if the barrier only be used when the child goes to sleep and want to hide the rest of time with the quilt or bed cover (bouti type) have to consider the height of the bed barrier to the ground, to give us set the angle of 180 degrees and does not give to the ground so that the barrier can be below bedspread.

  • Bed barrier measures

The most common sizes are 90 cm and 140 cm in length and -150 between 40 - 50 cm. Although there are also barriers bed with taller, 60 and 70 cm, which will provide greater certainty if our baby is standing in the bed and even there the length and height can be extensible.

When choosing the length of the barrier, it must take into account two aspects, age and sleep habits that may have the child (if much or not moving). Although independent, the bottom line is to consider the size of the mattress, because you should always be a distance of less than 2 cm or greater than 26 cm between the head and the start of the barrier for security.

As the minimum barrier to be lifted above the mattress is 16 cm.


  • Security level

It is important to look at the quality and level of security that we provide barriers bed.

The most common are the swinging 180 degrees, placed at an angle of 90 degrees, are secured by a metal rod which is inserted under the mattress and the weight thereof by the angled shape which provides security for the boy.

However, there also are subject to a security tape sticks to the other side of the mattress to prevent movement of the bed barrier and provide greater security. As we talked about before, choosing between either model depends on the bed in which it is to be installed.

Another aspect to consider is that the barriers are folding is interesting to have a closure system with safety hinges to prevent possible pinches.


  • Comfort and functionality


Depending on our tastes and preferences opt for different barrier types either the folding or rigid. But we must also think about the kind of use we're going to give.

The most common are the barriers and mesh network structure metal. Are very comfortable because they weigh little and are easily removable and foldable so that we can take with us at any time for the holidays or if we have a second home as well usually accompanied by a carrying bag and size once removed is quite reduce. Besides, such models typically allow unsheathe and wash the textile part, so it is quite practical and hygienic.

On the other hand, there are also barriers of natural wood or painted different colors, aesthetically are much more robust and classic, but do not have the functionality and practicality of aluminon. In this case is a matter of taste and aesthetics and use that you will have in your home.

Ultimately, you may purchase a bed barrier seem a trivial matter, however, and as you may have read, there are many factors to consider in order to make a good buy an accessory that will give you enough use.