The beginning of the withdrawal of diapers always generates significant doubt on the parents. This should be a quiet time, considered as part of the life of the child and parents and do so without problems. Your baby is growing increasingly independent and leaving more free mom too. It's a new era, a new relationship between parent and child that begins.

Parents should not rush into this process. A child is not mature enough to control their sphincters (muscles that control the flow of urine and feces) and is forced to leave diapers, can have serious problems with urinary incontinence or constipation. Therefore, there is nothing better to wait and see.

The child needs to have some skills to start running out of diapers. Must be able to sit alone for 5-10 minutes, walk, talk to for potty to remove clothing that is easy to handle, like rubber bands.
Generally, a 2 year old is ready for the start of the withdrawal of diapers. Never forget that every child has the time to skill acquisition and development. Respect the time of each child.
A clue to recognize that training can start when your child is communicating that is dirty or peeing or pooping interested in parents or siblings see it in the bathroom.
Always explain what happens in the bathroom so the child can understand that this place is ideal for pee and poo. Leave the bathroom door open when you go to your toilet, causing the child to imitate the older and realize that this "ritual" is common.
To begin the process purchase a urinal child to be nice and take it as a game, and leave it in the place where the child usually play. The child must explore the pot (do not let them put it on the head) and encouraged to sit on it with clothes, while parents explain how to use or play with the potty.

When the child is familiar, put the pot in the bathroom and passed eliminations diaper child on the potty in his presence, always speaks and explains what happens. Begins to leave the child in lingerie or underwear sitting on the toilet.
When the child is able to spend much of the day you can remove the dry diaper. Make sure you provide the small bathroom several times one day. After the start of control, it still takes 5-6 months to complete. One must adapt the toilet the child and encourage the use once you're making effective for this use.

Never take him when the child asks. Respect your limits and abilities. Feces are controlled a little later.

Sure at first you are getting the bed without peeing at the beginning of the practice of abstinence from diapers at night. This is normal. Between two and five years of age, the child has no control and accidents can happen. Avoid therefore provide liquid before bed and take your child to the bathroom before bedtime, or even overnight.

No sanction or punish the child for having failed. This attitude only hinders the child's learning. Alaba without exaggerating when your child to succeed. Many times you can sit in the bathroom and tidy up and do nothing and to leave urinating or defecating in clothes. It is normal, hygienic control is beginning. Clean the child and do everything naturally.

Children learn first sitting. The boys should be encouraged to urinate standing as does the father after he has already acquired control.

Some children in reducing this process, because they want attention. A common reason for the decline is the arrival of a new sibling.

Make sure the time period of exchanges with your child. Give lots of love and affection. The only job of parents is to create conditions for the process of learning is as relaxed as possible.