How to pick the Crib for our baby?

Features and measures.
When decorating the room for our baby, is an indispensable crib or bassinet also called baby product. The cribs should have a fixed measures, which are what make the rules, which are 74 * 58 * 80 cm, with that you avoid potential shocks when your baby is resting.

They can be wood, aluminum or metal, which were more in des spindle and always the garment fabric, either cotton or polyester cotton, this blend of polyester cotton makes when washing ironing more comfortable , since it is wrinkle much less, now days the manufacturers of tissue get a very nice touch in the tissues, which most are blend of polyester and cotton, keep in mind that the baby is not in touch Direct to garment, which in turn is dressed in linen, both bajera as countertop, which are the ones to really meet the highest requirement mixture algodón.Enviar

The cribs can also take a canopy, with this you avoid that when he drinks rests not be bothered by insects to cut sleep and rest. The canopy is usually decorative in most cases, although there is also a gauze type that covers the entire bassinet.

They 4 directional wheels that allow the movement to pass from one room to another, a great convenience in moving, as if asleep, just bother you to change room and keep you with us if you require


Is it safe crib?
I think this is one of the main views to be taken into account when choosing the mini crib must be approved, this means it has passed the tests necessary to comply with European legislation designating the proper operation and safety The cradle is subjected to testing laboratories at pressures of weights and movements of all types to ensure the structure, keep in mind that takes 4 wheels, not to pass the legislation, could make to breaking a wheel mini Cradle stay lame with the result tip and pull our baby, so only recommend buying cribs approved by the manufacturer, the mattress should also be anti choking, this takes a few holes in the foam and plastics that if he drinks stay down, allowing perspiration through the mattress.


Forms of minicuna
The cribs approved may be rectangular, square or round, being the most common rectangular, are also the cribs of co-sleeping, having a side opening for easy care the baby while we're lying in bed without having to get up to watch him or just hold her hand, this would facilitate our rest, cribs are usually much more expensive.

The colors of wood or fabric may vary according to our tastes, there are many colors in the wood, lacquered or natural, walnut, and every color in the fabric as we decorate our room for child of course. Variety is the spice !!


Until what age I can use the Cradle?
The average age for the use of the crib, is from birth to six months or so, but it all depends of course on child growth when taking weight and height, it is common sense be watching developments before change to a crib or cot.


How Cradle mounts?
Given the size of the crib, comes disassembled factory, sometimes comes to mount medium and sometimes comes fully disassembled, assembly is very simple and has only to follow the steps we outlined in the instruction manual for proper operation but generally are 4 suits that make two scissors, which in turn are joined by 4 cross sticks on top and on the bottom uniting the two scissors, all with allen screws, but as I commented come assembly instructions, if you want them, you can also see it in this other exclusive guide for assembling the crib.


How should I clean it?
To clean the wood, simply use a damp cloth, it is normal that all they take is a little dust, easily removed with cloth, tissue is completely desenfundarle the Crib by a zipper that hold wood, which may be easily removed and washed, either by machine or by hand, depending on the characteristics of the fabric, if it is too sensitive or not, you should bring in a textile label sewn to the product, the mattress anti suffocation , being covered with plastic can also clean easily with a damp cloth.