How should the mat for the stroller?

This is an item that does not require much complication in choosing it, we should not complicate much choice, we will only give you a few tips that you should not miss when you go to buy the mat or cover for the chair.

How do I know if I will pay for my chair?

The covers or chair mats for European manufacturers generally fit most chairs, logically make measures so that they can adapt well, yes, depending on the model of your car, remain more or less adjusted, almost certainly serve almost all, be of dwelling on the steps of the cover and check these on the seat of your chair if you do not do much for the idea, you can get a cardboard and draw holster measures brand in their characteristics, cut cardboard and attach it to the seat so you can see in more detail how it can be adjusted, if you have more than enough long or you'll miss if you have left not much problem, the worst is if you lack, as it will look much background or seat and color contrast depending on your choice will be better or worse.
If what you want is that you be perfectly adjusted to the chair, you have no choice but to buy the original cover your chair, limitations in colors and patterns is much higher and the price will rise considerably, it all depends on your preferences.

Features of the mat

There are several types of chair mats, mats with ears or oval shape on top, or light and simple, the first dress and plug over the seat, are for most chairs, light, usually for smaller and lighter chairs, McLaren type, usually chairs that weigh very little and very manageable, are increasingly using these seats.

The material must have the cover can vary depending on what you seek, the lenceras is typically a polyester cotton, and there is almost 100% cotton covers, all with mixture, this is achieved not wrinkle much like 100% cotton, since the pressure of the child to be seated, will make those wrinkles are very difficult to remove. There are also breathable technical fabric, these 100% polyester, they are like the fabric of the shirts that are used for running, which are usually very breathable, also bear on the back of a 3D mesh, which favors transpiration to be a thin layer of air between the mat and the stroller, thereby increasing perspiration is remarkable and beneficial to the child.
If the Buyer universal mats, must make sure you have gums or tapes for the back, so that it can hold well in the anchor points of the chair, if the original do not worry about it logically should sit you like a glove.

Openings must wear seatbelts chairs, some are with velcro or sewn, the latter usually come closed and will open with scissors or knife in the middle, often come to be universal because it is not always necessary to open the eyelets for passing belts.

How long has used the mat in the chair?

Your use of this article will give baby is very extensive, we will use from birth almost, using the mat group 0 to 2/3 years, depending on what baguete it our little and continue wearing the lightweight chair when do long runs. Use dela mat ensures the chair care, protecting it from unwanted scratches and blemishes. You can also have the option to buy the bag chair, which are usually removable, so the bottom is the mat and can use both summer and winter, in this way we will have a significant savings by not having to buy 2 products

The mat as a method of design and elegance

One of the main reasons why the mat for the chair you buy, is to dress the pram or stroller, usually manufacturers make the complete collection of all the products together, umbrella, the group 0 case bag, panera bag, footmuff and group 0, bringing the lead dress the baby stroller with everything matching is really nice addition is now fashionable to wear embroidered baby's name in supplements such as bag or sack.