Then some points that should be taken into consideration on Choosing wedge:

Size : the size of a crib does not a guideline or a pattern that should make it equal all, therefore, to choose a crib that is of a similar size to the European standard, which is the most common among the wedges with dimensions: 120 x 60 cm. but something important that the inner size of the crib is where have these dimensions. If you consider that the width of bars and some additional details, this size can be increased by up to 15 or 20 cm, both in width and in length. Ah and choose a standard European size crib. It is essential if you opt to assemble the crib, showing all items of the fork the same size.

Today measures of the wedges is much more widespread, and they are manufactured in larger, 140 x 70 cm and the convertible measures.

Security : security is a very good question, please bear in mind some aspects to consider. And the first detail is the reference to the measures. Its width between bars must not exceed 6.5 cm, and the space between the rails of the bed base does not exceed 2 to 5 cm and the distance between top and the grid up to the platform that is not less than 60 cm. After taking this into account, it is vital to check the reputation of the manufacturer. It is important to be certified products, I believe that this is essential, which means that they have passed all the safety procedures in a company of trials.

Check Google if there are good or bad comments about the quality of the manufacturer's wedge. Another vital aspect before buying the wedge is simply to try it. It is a simple test, just lifting and lowering the side (if the crib has this "functionality"), discusses the details of the materials used and treat it swivel at the store for help. Ah, another important detail: when choosing the model, give preference to have more rounded corners and some details that can loosen or hurt the baby.


Features : some are ready for use. Others can then become mini bed, others come with Dresser and changing table attached and so on. In other words, I believe that before what you need or are going to need in the future choose a model with that in mind.

Instead of buying a crib already made or made, you can choose to send build a cradle so it fits very well with the available space. This is a great alternative to those who want to optimize spaces. The result, when it is done with talent, is excellent. The important thing here is: take all measures available space for manufacturer opt for a model European standard size (easier to find then the mattress, linens and other accessories) and pass in addition, just to be sure, crib safety measures (distance between bars, between the network and pedestal, etc.).


Most of the cradles are the same on the side of the head and feet, but others do not. And another important detail: at the store to try the latch grid system. If it is easy to carry from one place to another (up and down), and while it remains in any position. It is a huge danger a crib with a side that falls due to an ineffective closure system.

The scenario: in addition to the mobile network, some wedges still has the option of adjusting the pedestal. When the baby is small, you can leave the highest base and as it grows, simply be ira adjusting in height, for not to fall or jump from there.


Wheels : wheels or not in the crib is a very personal decision. With wheels is can move the wedge more easily in time to clean the room, but it is not essential. And if you opt for a model with wheels, remember to check if they have a blocking system (must have at least two of them), to ensure the cradle and not dancing around the room with the movements of the child


Details and materials : when you choose the model, pay attention to details and the type of material that has been used. Example: there are beautiful models of cots, with details of woven straw. Although these models, depending on the type of straw, can allow the baby to put the finger in the hollow spaces and end up doing harm. Very artistic details also hinder the cleaning time. They are beautiful, but practicality is more important. My advice is to choose "clean" models, which are also more practical and strong (no details where the child could get hurt).