There are 2 types of preparation for the baby bag, one is the bag for maternity, which is what we are going to take when giving birth, this bag usually is usually larger than usual, since the'll put more things in our daily walks or outings, which is the second choice of bag you choose, and perhaps the most widely used


Let's focus on the bag daily walk or outputs, as it should be and that I should wear.


How I have to buy the bag ride?


Good question right ?, must have a parametrosimportantes we should not overlook and others less so, first the size should be medium, with side pockets that allow save, or catch the water bottle or pacifier, with This will avoid having to open the bag at all times, must carry a long and comfortable handle so that it can shoulder strap mom or dad when required, I also see vital small handles, or extra settings with snaps in the long handle to to adapt and fit the stroller, most of the time we use it be on the ride baby and a bag we can not hang around llevalo on the shoulder or in the shopping cart, I see an impediment truth.


Since it takes side pocket and / or front, me, I like to wear a cap that covers or zipper, and if it takes 2 better, many times we are clueless in the park with our son and leave at times the trolley and bag In this way we avoid temptations to anyone having temptations to catch the alien lol, why are important side pockets.


Inside the bag should also carry pockets to organize what we have inside a plastic or hard base, to maintain straight purse and does not sag with the weight, if it is lined with a plastic tissue inside or is easily the better washing the outside, with rubbing and trot will have, if phenomenal sheath with a cloth can clean it daily without having to wash it in the washing machine so often.


After analyzing the most important and practical, of course we like and lace colors have to match the stroller, there are many manufacturers who have all the pieces to play, purse, bag, parasol, mat ... with so sure you'll go crazy until you choose.



What should I carry in the bag stroller or baby?


What should certainly carry in your handbag so you detail below.


1 Dressing room changer, if the bag is not included.


2 Pacifiers with his pacifier holder


1 Bottle of water


1 Milk and milk containers (If you do not breastfeed)


2 bibs


1 Package wipes


1 Changing move if necessary.


1 rattle or toy to entertain.


5 Diapers


1 Protective Skin Cream


1 Bottle of water for mom


1 Phone