In this article we present a guide to bathe the baby that intends to help with everything about bath time for both you and your baby, but it's good to pay attention to the safety tips:
Never, under any circumstances, leave your baby alone in the tub. Everything you need in advance take it before: towels, toiletries, diapers, wipes, clean clothes. If the doorbell or phone rings and you need to attend anyway, wrap the child in a towel and take it with you.

Never put your baby in the tub when still being filled, open the faucet or shower. You can change the water temperature, or become deeper.
Do not boil the bath water, unless you are not sure of the source of water or is well.
In the case of using water heater, first fill the tub with cold water and then add hot water to avoid the risk of burning the baby. Mix well the two waters, but beware, sometimes the side of the tub gets hotter than another. This type of burn is more common than people think.

Beware the water temperature. It should be warm, not hot. Studies show that the temperature of 38 degrees Celsius in babies helps control body temperature.
For newborns and babies up to six months, put about 13 inches of water (about eight fingers) or enough to accommodate the baby with the water up to his shoulders. The baby cries often in the shower because it was not covered with enough water, and cold. If the baby is sitting, never leave the place with water above the waist (online a sitting position).
Teach your baby soon always sit in the tub, and never stand.
There are babies who love swimming and others who are not already fans. While they are small, it is not absolutely necessary to bathe every day, especially if it's too cold. But doctors and parents agree that a shower left to cool and calm baby. When children begin to crawl, the daily bath becomes essential. The hair does not need special shampoo, because it produces very little oil.

Do not abuse soaps and shampoos. The use of small quantities to protect baby's skin becomes dry and sensitive. Prefers products created especially for babies, because they tend to be less aggressive and natural A shower with water just enough to clear a newborn, unless it is very dirty stool. Avoid products with strong odors and made for adults.

Do not let the baby touch or play with the tap. As a child not be able to know what it is, but getting used to not move. That advice applies especially for bathrooms with heater, which is a hot water outlet.
Infants, especially lose heat very quickly and become cold. To make sure that does not happen, keep warm ambiance, wrap the baby in a hooded towel or bath cape and dry quickly, then put the diaper. Do not let your baby get too unclothed while and then leave the hot bath, always keep a blanket on hand.

Dry all folds, preferably with a cotton towel
Never, never leave your baby alone in the bath for a second (it is so important that even put twice in the list). A baby can drown in 2 inches of water in less than 60 seconds.