One of the most special moments in the life of any couple is when you are expecting a child. This phase is marked by various activities, including the decoration of the room that will house the baby.
Today, there are several modern decorative items on the market, functional, attractive and affordable for moms and dads can choose, if you need some inspiration to decorate the room of your child, check our advice now.
How to decorate the nursery

An important data before starting to buy furniture and think the decor is correctly measure the available space. The room needs a space reserved for the movement of people, mainly from the mother space, to be able to basic care to the child, how to mount the tub to bathe and have a place to change diapers and put the baby clothes.

Simple decoration

At present, the mobile or adjustable is the most recommended in a baby room decor. A comfortable cot and a wardrobe accessible can be very necessary, ensuring comfort and better use of space. For this type of service, it is best to hire an architectural firm or plan such furniture to a specialist.

As for the decor, colors and items are very important. There is nothing more beautiful and welcoming well-designed room. This part of the house should be a quiet, harmonious colors. For children, the favorite colors are blue, green and yellow. For girls, the pink and purple dominate the decor.

A trend that is very popular is to go for vintage style accessories for the nursery. Discrete, delicate furniture and neutral colors are part of the composition of this room.
The importance of the crib

To ensure perfect decoration, and care to pets and other things is good to take precautions and place the crib at a height that any pet can be dangerous, or that a bug or vermin can attack the baby
Did you ever think to have a room with ceiling simulating the sky? Or perhaps like the farm theme and want to go for flowers and birds on the background of the walls? Most importantly, use your creativity to create a welcoming atmosphere. Dads can also hire a special paint and personality to the wall of the baby room.

There are many decorating options. The most important thing is to combine a good distribution of furniture with nice colors and delicate issues.
Ideas to decorate the baby's room

If you're still out of ideas of how to decorate, prepare a super special photo gallery with several creative ways to compose your own decor inspirations.