Guide to mount cradles


The Cradles of Originalbaby meet the European Standard:

UNE-EN 1130-1: 1996

UNE-EN 1130-2: 1996


Always put the bassinet on a floor without inclination.

Children should not be allowed to play unsupervised when near bassinet.

Keep locked bassinet when the child remains in it without adult supervision.

Do not use the bassinet if it breaks or that a part is missing.

Mounting devices should always be properly adjusted and should not be loose because the child could snag clothing or accessories (laces, necklaces, chains baby pacifiers, etc ...) which would be a strangulation hazard.

Layette bassinet cannot be used without the wooden stand.

No never pass over the maximum height of the mattress on the label on the side of the crib. (Ie from the surface of the mattress to the top of the sides) is. At least 200mm with the base in the highest position.

WARNING fire hazard posed by the presence in the vicinity of bassinet heat sources such as electric heating apparatus, gas heating, etc ..

When a child has the ability to sit, kneel or stand alone, mini cradles should not be used more for that child.


Instructions of mini-cradeles


Composition: beech wood, MDF 4mm

Plastic wheels. Non-toxic paint and varnishes.


Parts and elements.

  • 2 wooden scissors.
  • 4 wood studs 85cm
  • (Two with through holes).
  • 2 wooden crosspieces 50c
  • 1 linen of mini cradle
  • 1 mattress anti suffocation
  • 1 bedspring (MDF 4mm plate).

·     Ironworks bag.


  • 4 plastic caps 12mm hole.
  • All 4 wheels with brakes.
  • 12 screws M6x45
  • 12 emboli m6x14





First step in assembling the mini cradle



Place the four plastic caps in the holes of the wheels followed the above mount wheels.


Second step

Mount the battens through embols and screws M6x45 needs two crossbars 85 (the two beams having the two through holes) and the two crossbars 50 cm, be present in tightening screws and the embols are not visible to look inward, it is very important to mount the rails as photo brand so they are not symmetrical




Third step. Mount the two scissors wood and wooden table see photo for the hoist is securely mounted then install the two crosspieces 85 cm at the bottom put holes thereof facing the floor remember tighten all the screws.


Fourth step. Finally place the garment by the four racks carrying the wings then enter the bedspring (dm 4mm plate) and then the mattress.


             Keep in mind that you should not change the maximum height of the mattress height that is reflected in the identification and warning label.

When a child can sit, kneel or stand alone bassinet should not be used more for that child.

(It is excluded of the warranty any use and wrong assembly of blows, scratches, breaks)