When the baby has learned to sit, about six months or so, it's good to have a safe space in which to gain confidence, experience with their toys with complete freedom of movement. Therefore, playgrounds for babies are a good accessory that parents can leave babies peacefully.

But what are the basic requirements for playgrounds?

  1. The structure must be stable so that it can not tip over, which is rigid and resistant.
  2. The base and park guards should be well padded and lined so that if the child falls being inside it, nothing happens.
  3. The diameter of the network or grid that carries the park must comply with the rules to ensure that the child can not get caught up in it in any way.

There are other features that we must consider when we decide to buy a playground:


  • That may be removable and washable to ensure proper hygiene and maintenance of the park.
  • The opening and closing mechanisms must be easy to operate.
  • The base of the park should be rigid, do not bend to pressure or weight baby.
  • The height of the park should be noted that, when the baby starts to stand up, can not fall outside the park.


Types playground for babies

In the market we can find different models, sizes and designs playgrounds baby as needed and we want to use them.
Here we review about popular models.

Park games classic rectangular or square

It is a playground of removable metal frame with mesh or netting on the sides and padded rigid parts to avoid the baby can do damage.
American Park 

The parks are similar to the above, the only difference is that they are more comfortable folding system scissor or compass, which makes it more versatile when it comes to storing or transporting.

Hexagonal Park
The parks can be metallic or wooden structure. As its name suggests, have hexagonal shape of different sizes and models enable the structure to open, rather than closed use, can be adapted becoming a security barrier to enclose a space for the baby or to, for example , you can not access doors or stairs and avoid accidents.