When traveling by car always is very important to take the necessary security measures, especially when traveling with children. Thus, one of the key points that must be taken into consideration to take our children safe is correctly choose the car seat should go to our baby sitting. This restraint system should be chosen depending on the weight and the height of the child and never age. In addition, we must ensure that the child seat is approved. To make a good choice, in this article, you say How to correctly choose an infant car seat .


Child restraint systems are classified by groups of approval and group chairs (0, 1, 2 and 3) that correspond to the children on the basis of their weight (never age) in addition, there are joint chairs for use as children grow (group 0/1, group 1/2/3...).

This 0 group chairs are the smallest and correspond to children under 10 kg (normally up to 9 months approximately). We can add a basket, which will be installed in the rear seats and in transverse position; or a door, which can go forward or backward in the opposite direction to the March. In all cases, the baby remains who says tied to the safety seat with a harness of your own Chair.


Group 0 . These chairs are children whose weight is less than 13 kg (approximately up to 18 months). As is the case with the group 0, this is a medium in which the small is secured with the harness of the stroller. If there is an active frontal airbag, can fit the child seat on the back seats of the vehicle.


Group 1 . For children from 9 to 18 kg (from 9 months to 4 years), we should choose the Group 1 restraint systems. In this case, are chairs that we can install on seats facing backward or later, in the same direction. Child is still tied to the Chair with his own belt, while the Chair is attached to the car with the seat belt.


Group 2 . When our children are to have a weight between 15 and 25 kg (which usually corresponds to the age of 3-6 years), they will opt for a Chair of Group 2. It consists of a chair with backrest that can be installed in front or behind the vehicle in the direction of travel. In this case, the children are already attached to the seat with the seat belt.


Group 3B and last . Once the children have a weight of between 22 and 36 kg (normally between 6 and 12 years), we will choose a Chair or a wheelchair lift. We can put it in the back of the car and must be in the same direction of travel. For these child restraint systems also used the seat belt for children.


The children 135 cm that already have 1.35 m height (typically to 12 years) can directly use safety belts in the vehicle. For children under 12 years not arriving at this height and up to 150 cm, it is recommended to continue using a pad or elevator. Anyway, the diagonal belt from the belt must pass through the collarbone, over the shoulder to the chest, while the belly band should be as little as possible in your hip.



Safe installation:

Follow the instructions in the manual to install the seat. Keep it in the car, because you may need to refer to it later, if you change your car or adapt the safety belt, as the child grows older.

The seat must be attached to the car with the seat belt (that can not be distorted) or through an isofix, in a place without front airbag system active (can be fatal-crash).

Make sure that the seat is tight after installation: the movements forward and side should be minimal.

Chairs that have internal straps is very important that these are always well adjusted. Adjust the length of this depending on the thickness of the child clothing, so it is impossible to put more than one or two fingers between the belt and the child.

If you use the seat belt through the height of the shoulders and neck do not do, since this may cause injury. You must use a belt of 3 points instead of 2 points.

The chairs facing the front only can be transported in the back seat, with rare exceptions. Hold the child, even as strong as possible, back, the best protection.

The rear seats are safer. Put your seats to children from entering the car always off the promenade. It should only be a child in the front seat as a last resort.

If the Chair has been involved in an accident, do not ever it use. Although it seems to be okay, they may have somewhat weakened or stayed with the seals or the weakened support.


Additional tips

Does the child restraint system (S.R.I) with the progressive growth of the child. Children learn by imitation, it is important to be a good example: always use the safety harness.