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Happy Way

Helios crib pillow
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Brand: Happy Way
Helios pillow cradle is an essential complement for the proper break from the baby. Its exterior is 100% microfiber and fiber interior is siliconized. It is anatomical, breathable and super soft. In boxes of 12 (60 cm x 40 cm x | 40 cm). Cleanability and adaptability. Siliconized fiber interior...
9.90€ 19.90€
Hexagonal Wood Park Veleta
-48 %
Brand: Happy Way
Paraque hexagonal child made of wood. With it we can create a safe play area for our baby or use it as a barrier so that the baby can not access certain areas of the house (doors, stairs...) As barrier has a length of maximum aperture 3, 89 meters. | It is very easy to assemble and install. | Featur..
102.00€ 195.00€
Brand: Happy Way
Barrier bed Rain 150 cm Bunny Beige, foldable, easy disassembly and security tape to tie the Decorated mattress with a funny bear named Bunny beige, soft colors adpatar Room Features Barrier Bunny Beige Included belt anchor for mooring the mattress and prevent the barrier recommended use up to 2 yea..
Brand: Happy Way
Stroller for baby Coupé model Brand Dress Dune Happy Way. Lightweight and versatile, it is a very easy chair to handle, with a small folding umbrella-shaped with an extra long hood. The chassis is lacquered aluminum black color and the garment is light beige. Kit includes vestment Dress Dune: dodger..
Brand: Happy Way
Practical pram or stroller for baby Dress Dune Coupé model. A light but sturdy chair very comfortable for the baby thanks to its reclining backrest and large top, perfect to protect the baby from the sun. This model has silver chassis and his raiment is light beige color. Vestment Kit includes: dodg..
Brand: Happy Way
Elegant coupe model stroller Happy Dress Quarz Way. It is very easy to handle and has a robust but lightweight chassis, with a very compact folding that makes us easily transported in a space. This model is black with light gray robe. Kit includes vestment Dress Dune: dodger great length with window..
Brand: Happy Way
You are looking for a chair sturdy, easy to handle and lightweight ride? Drs Coupe Quarz model is one of the best options in Original Baby. It is a very strong yet lightweight chair, with an ultra compact folding umbrella-shaped. His multiposiciones backup and security barrier will make the baby alw..
Maga ride saddle bag
--17 %
Brand: Happy Way
A saddle bag Maga walk to the stroller is the best choice, easy to place in the seat of the baby and very warm. Maga model is characterized by purple and fuchsia colored strellas combined cone and an illustration of a maga. | Take two large eyelets velcro, which open and close to take the seat belts..
41.00€ 35.00€
Maternal bag baby pink hearts
-29 %
Brand: Happy Way
Maternal bag baby pink hearts, is simple and elegant design with pink hearts plasticized fabric. She is wearing a long handle to hang to the shoulder and the handle of the stroller. With pockets to carry everything well organized. Features: With outside pockets, two front and two sides. Long handle ..
37.00€ 52.00€
Minicuna Stars Beige DOSEL NOT INCLUDED
-60 %
Brand: Happy Way
Minicuna beige stars is supported wood and has a stylish design with a nice light beige print estrellitas on a dark beige background. Minicuna structure is very durable and safe for the baby. Minicuna is very comfortable and practical and allow us to take the baby from one room to another easily bec..
83.00€ 206.00€
Model Carousel Crib Sky
-25 %
Brand: Happy Way
Musical carousel powered battery and volume control, with moving figures for the tranquility of the baby. The stuffed bear are velvety. Features: Children from 0 months. Complies with: EN. 71-1 / 2/3/9, EN 55014-1: 2000; EN 6211: 2005 Azo Dye, Cadmiun, EMC and Phatalates. Article weight: 4, 5 kg. Di..
20.00€ 26.50€
Musical Potty Blue Pipo
--8 %
Brand: Happy Way
Pipo Blue musical potty is a very useful tool to teach our baby to go to the bathroom alone. WC shaped, with lid and musical melody chip. It has a removable bowl for easier cleaning. Also it can be used as a reductant for the toilet. It is suitable for babies from 18 months up to 18 kg. Meets Europe..
26.00€ 24.00€
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