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Happy Way

Traveler elevator car Black group 2-3
-31 %
Brand: Happy Way
Traveler elevator car for black with armrest suitable for Groups 2 + 3 (children 15 to 36 kg) | is very easy to install on the rear seats of the automobile using the belt itself as the retention system. | Features: is made of washable non-toxic plastic and fabric is 100% polyester | Dimensions: 23 c..
24.00€ 35.00€
Trip elevator car Red Groups 2-3
-17 %
Brand: Happy Way
Trip elevator car, Red model suitable for Groups 2-3 (children from 15 to 36 kilos) | is installed in the rear seat of the car I and the seat belt is used as a car restraint system for the child. | The textile part is removable and can be washed to get a proper hygiene of the product. | Composition ..
24.00€ 29.00€
Brand: Happy Way
Introducing the trona Goumet Baby Rosa, is light, takes up almost no space when folded and easily Trasnportes, baby pink model wears a funny squirrel stamped by combining various shades of pink. It is very useful because it facilitates lunchtime babies. It is very easy to carry and fold. | Features:..
Unstructured raincover blowy
-38 %
Brand: Happy Way
Introducing the rain without blowy bubble structure, easy single universal model placed in the stroller for our baby, it is made of polyvinyl chloride resin. Baby insulates both the cold and the rain. It has front window and is fastened to the seat by Velcro fasteners. The stroller is completely cov..
18.50€ 29.90€
Brand: Happy Way
The Urinal is a very useful article to teach our baby to go to the bathroom alone. WC Urinal musical Giraffe Rosa, has a very similar way to the toilet of an adult, with a tank top and wearing a funny giraffe relief. It can be used as reducer normal toilet. With a button that simulates a normal tank..
29.00€ 32.00€
Viscoelastic Athena crib mattress 60 x 120 cm
-31 %
Brand: Happy Way
Crib mattress viscoelastic Athena inside is foam and outer fabric is padded cotton polyester blend, one side is vicsoelástica, which proporcinará better rest to the baby. Interior polyurethane foam. Features: High durabilida. Extra suav. Interior Spuma polyurethane, Transpirabl. Viscoelásticastica f..
52.00€ 75.00€
Voyager auto chair lift Groups 2-3 Gray Red
-22 %
Brand: Happy Way
Child restraint system indicated for Groups 2 + 3 (children from 15 to 36 kg) | This chair model Voyager gray fabric provides safety and quality during car trips. | It is easily placed in the back seat of the car, using seat belt of the car in the child directly. | Materials chair lift Voyager is ma..
69.90€ 90.00€
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