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Toy 2DPT reflective backpack
New -8 %
Brand: Gabol
Backpack of the Toy collection with 2 compartments. Its thermoformed back offers, in turn, comfort and ideal protection to cushion the objects of the interior. Padded base with reinforcement plastic protector (anti-bacterial, waterproof and washable). Padded and reinforced shoulder pads. Includes id..
29.90€ 32.50€
Triple Flip Case
-51 %
Brand: Gabol
Practical case with three compartments, with strong zipper and made of PVC-free material. Organization assured. Sturdy material for long-lasting use. The Gabol Flip collection has an original pattern of vignettes inspired by the skater world...
8.90€ 18.00€
Triple Toy Case
-52 %
Brand: Gabol
Practical case with three compartments, with a strong zipper and made of PVC-free material. Secured organization. Strong material for long time use. The Toy collection has a print of cute little animals in pink and aquamarine tones. Measures 22*9*9 cm...
11.50€ 24.00€
Twist Eco Bandolera
New -20 %
Brand: Gabol
Gabol Twist Eco recycled material shoulder bag, water resistant. With three compartments. Its interior is lined and padded, with an organizer. Made with recycled plastic material (rPET). Measurements: 13x17x6. Weight: 0.23 kilos. Volume: 1.30 l...
18.00€ 22.50€
Umbrella Coach
-28 %
Brand: Gabol
The Gabol Coach collection has an original pattern, in blue and green tones, that will delight the most football fans. Includes reflective bands to give greater visibility. Automatic opening. Automatic closing. Wind resistant...
12.90€ 18.00€
New -39 %
Brand: Gabol
Extracurricular wallet corresponding to the Toy collection, by Gabol. Made in a cheerful and original multicolor print. Its two types of handles make this wallet the most comfortable. A short handle, to hold in your hand and a height-adjustable handle. Two compartments with large space. Matching cas..
12.50€ 20.50€
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