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Innovaciones MS

Innovations seat carrier MS
-42 %
Accessory seat platform carrier MS Innovations. It is a saddle with handlebar incorporated which engages the carrier brand Innovations MS. Why buy a seat carrier? Lostransportines are a very useful accessory to carry a child of piesobre the scooter coupled to the stroller of the baby and prevent you..
32.00€ 55.00€
Barrier bed Blue and Beige 150 MS Innovations
-55 %
Child barrier 150 cm swing Innovations MS. A barrier structure white aluminum colored fabric aqua and beige decorated with children's drawings. Indispensable to ensure that the dream of the baby or child is safe and to avoid possible falls after the passage of the crib to bed.   Barrier ..
25.00€ 55.00€
Car safety mirror MS Innovations
Best Seller -49 %
Rectangular rearview mirror placed in the back seat of the car. | With it we can watch the baby glancing at the mirror while driving without us around to watch him. | Features: | Convex Mirror 360 degree view of the baby | straps and latches to secure the mirror in the back seat headrest | Lightweig..
14.50€ 28.50€
Dreams Square Park MS Innovations
-54 %
Playground square of 93 x 93 cm with multicolored striped pattern Dreams Innovations MS. A perfect place to create a safe environment in which your baby can play and experiment without any danger close fitting. This model is beige with multicolored borders and serigraphs with children's motifs. Feat..
55.00€ 120.00€
Evolutionary Highchair MS
-47 %
Wooden Evolutive High Chair and Children's Chair in natural color, two products in one, suitable for children from 6 months to 10 years (30 kg.) with tray included. Being the evolutionary high chair, it allows us to regulate it, thus adapting to the growth of the child. When he reaches 3 years old, ..
79.90€ 149.90€
Evolutionary Innovations Rosa hammock MS
-53 %
Pretty pink hammock with little drawings of different children's animals. | The support of the hammock can be reclined in different positions and footrest. | The upholstery is removable and washable for proper maintenance and hygiene of the hammock. | Is an evolutionary hammock that can be used as b..
42.50€ 90.00€
Fix car seat Encore Luxe black
-36 %
Carseat Encore Fix Luxe black colored indicated for Groups 1-2-3 (9 to 36 kg). | Has child restraint system Isofix, the safest market (only has the restraint system can not be used in cars that do not have Isofix) | It's a very comfortable and versatile chair, available pad reducing and back of the ..
185.00€ 290.00€
Flexible bib pickup Rosa
-69 %
Flexible practical bib pink ideal to avoid staining the baby while eating, also has dustpan to prevent food from falling to the ground or soil to the child. It helps foster the autonomy of the baby at lunchtime...
5.50€ 18.00€
Humidifier ionizer
-56 %
Practical humidifier + ionizer brand MS Innovations. Has multiple speeds and capacity is 4 liters Why buy a humidifier + ionizer because it is a very useful accessory to purify the air of a stay and |? Ensure that the level of moisture in the atmosphere is right for Help purify the air in the room w..
35.00€ 79.90€
Milk powder dispenser MS Innovations
-82 %
Useful milk powder dispenser Brand | Innovaciones MS. It is a container made | sterilizable non-toxic plastic where we can store milk powder the | baby to have it conveniently separated for each shot. Why buy a dosing? In order to have the baby milk separately and | ready for each shot, which is use..
2.90€ 16.50€
Pack of bibs toweling MS Innovations
-75 %
A bib for each day of the week |! Pack 7 bibs toweling brand MS Innovations. | The inside is waterproof bib plasticized fabric to prevent smearing baby. | Each bibs has a cheerful and fun design with different children's drawings...
6.00€ 24.00€
Steel thermos solid MS 750
-47 %
Thermo-papillero solid food made of stainless steel. | Thanks to its hermetic coating and maintains the food temperature up to 10 hours. | This model comes printed with a picture of a sympathetic cebrita. | Features thermos: | has 2 bowls (one of 350 ml and another 250 ml) | Includes carry neoprene ..
13.50€ 25.50€
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