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Plus Complet cot blue model trip. It allows the mattress to two different heights depending on the age of the baby. It is a very convenient to use while on vacation or a second home accessory. It is very easily assembled and disassembled. It takes up very little space when folded, making it very con..
Practical protective mat for the seat | of the car brand MS Innovations. Why buy a protective mat to protect and prevent the upholstery |? Car seat staining or deterioration to the place the car seat or baby | child. It is very easy to install and clean. In addition, this model has several pockets |..
Thermo-papillero solid food made of stainless steel. | Thanks to its hermetic coating and maintains the food temperature up to 10 hours. | This model comes printed with a picture of a sympathetic cebrita. | Features thermos: | has 2 bowls (one of 350 ml and another 250 ml) | Includes carry neoprene ..
Transportín practice universal platform to adapt to | any stroller of the market. Why buy | a platform-transportin? Because it is designed to carry a second child standing on the | platform and grabbed the car while we walk, avoiding so is | tired. It can be adapted to any chassis or structure troll..
Folding barrier trundle beds specially designed for model Beige and Brown Innovations MS. The structure of the barrier is higher than standard barriers to saving trundle and to bring down the barrier with ease. Barrier properties: barrier trundle bed 150 x 50 cm. Transport case included. Age indicat..
Practical universal hook to put on the chair | walk or baby stroller and be able to hang in there baby bag or any | other object while going for a walk. It has Velcro straps to place and adapt | to the handlebars of any model of chair market. The hook is designed so you can rotate 360 ​​degrees so |..
Convenient and comfortable potty with orange handle model Innovations Warner MS. | This model has a handle on its front so that the child can grab when you sit on the potty. | The urinal bowl can be easily removed for cleaning thanks to their similar mechanism to that of a drawer. | It has to cover ..
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