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Brand: Interbaby
Great Mini Crib of cosleeping of the Nature collection Interbaby. It has a square structure in white lacquered wood and | includes vestment in beige with a picture of a teddy friendly. This Mini Crib is designed to practice co-sleeping form | safe and practical. Simply remove the bars from a side to..
Brand: Interbaby
Tundosada beautiful pink baby blanket very soft and pleasant to the touch. | Ideal is to use both the cradle to the carriage, when we are out of home, etc. | Size: 80 x 110 cm | Composition of the fabric: 100% polyester..
Brand: Interbaby
Maternal great pirate plastic bag collection Interbaby. It is a white bag, featuring a teddy friendly pirates. Dimensions: 45 x 25 x 20 cm. Composition of the fabric: waterproof laminated fabric...
Brand: Interbaby
Super protective padding | adjustable mattress baby crib. The fabric is breathable and | provides greater comfort to the baby. Why buy a protector |? Crib mattress To ensure proper hygiene and | keeping the baby mattress. Thanks to protector, warn that the | mattress can stain and also easier and co..
Brand: Interbaby
Practical adjustable crib mattress protector, one side is composed of cotton toweling and the other face has a plastic coating that prevents the soiling but mattress transpiration promotes tissue. | Protective measures: 60 x 120 cm..
Terry protector plasticized mattress Mini Crib
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Brand: Interbaby
Terry protector designed to fit size mattress Mini Crib. | This protector comprises cotton toweling by one side and the other has a plastic coating that prevents it from staining the mattress Mini Crib but promotes perspiration of the tissue. | Protective measures: 50 x 80 cm..
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