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Mattress Baby Fress 115 x 55

Mattress Baby Fress 115 x 55
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Mattress for a crib measuring 115 x 55 with the following characteristics: Total reduction of the mask effect. Greater CO2 dissipation. Allows the baby to breathe, even face down. Plus adaptability. Athermic. Made with three-dimensional fabric in order to promote air circulation and evaporation between the body and the mattress. Contains thermosetting, breathable and hypoallergenic fibre. Politex core whose foaming block is made of polyurethane. Provides firmness and flexibility. Its sides are made of 3D fabric, thus allowing air circulation inside the mattress. Helps repel mites. Product suitable for the Perfect Baby system. CFC free. Manufactured with the highest technology and high quality materials, to guarantee the rest and safety of the baby.

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