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Red Frog Saddle Footmuff

Red Frog Saddle Footmuff
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Universal footmuff for the baby stroller, with it your baby will be warm and comfortable during the coldest months of the year. This model stands out for its cheerful red color and for the drawing of a funny little frog that greets us from the footmuff. It can be adjusted to any stroller, thanks to its back straps and rubber bands, the footmuff can be removed to be able to use the base of the bag as a cover when it is already hotter. Characteristics of the saddle bag: Measurements: 92 x 52 cm. Universal shape that can be adapted to practically any stroller on the market. Removable foot covers. 3D mesh fabric on the back of the jacket to promote proper breathability of the fabric. Back straps and rubber bands to be able to adjust the bag to the stroller without problems and with ease. 100% MADE IN SPAIN. Fabric composition: 100% breathable technical fabric. If you want, you can order your personalized jacket with the baby's name embroidered in the color that you like the most.

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