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Starfish Green Shower Tray Reducer

Starfish Green Shower Tray Reducer
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The Tuctuc shower tray reducer is the best solution for bathing your baby and allowing them to enjoy a safe and fun bath. Turn your shower into a bathtub, providing a play space for your little one while bathing. This reducer can be used from 0 months, adding a pad to keep the baby elevated and comfortable during bathing. It is easy to transport and provides maximum comfort, making it perfect to take on a trip. Made of BPA-free European standard PVC materials, soft and smooth to protect baby's delicate skin. In addition, it has a convenient drain plug at the bottom to easily release water and a maximum water level indicator to ensure controlled and safe bathing. The Tuctuc shower tray reducer offers a semi-transparent finish on the sides and an exclusive and cheerful design on the base, adding a visually attractive touch to bath time. Measurements: 60 x 60 x 25 cm.

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