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Summer Infant

Tiny Diner Portable Mantel Summer Infant
-26 %
Brand: Summer Infant
Practical portable tablecloth ready for use at any time and situation. | Silicone is green and adheres to any table thanks to its suction cups. | You can roll up and store easily takes up very little space. | Measures the tablecloth: 25. 7 x 12. 7 x 6. 4 cm..
18.75€ 25.50€
Stroller canopy Black Summer Infant
-20 %
Brand: Summer Infant
Universal canopy for the stroller Baby with SPF 50+ UVA and UVB sun rays. It can easily be placed in any stroller and has pocket in which to carry the bottle or water bottle baby or toddler standing...
28.00€ 35.00€
Newborn to Toddler Folding bath Summer Infant
-20 %
Brand: Summer Infant
Practical and convenient folding bath model Newborn To Toddler Summer Infant brand. Plastic is made of heavy duty vinyl, ideal for easy baby bath. Its bottom is hichable and has plug to facilitate drainage. Easily it folds to occupy very little storage space.   Measures bathtub: - Open: 86 x 50..
36.00€ 45.00€
Reducing infant seat
-20 %
Brand: Summer Infant
Practical completely reversible reducer cream designed to be used in the car seat, stroller, children's hammocks or swings, perfect for your baby feel safe and secure. | The reposacabezaas can be set up as the baby will creiciendo. | Measures of the reducer: 45 x 68 cm | recimendada Age: birth of th..
15.20€ 19.00€
Summer Infant nursing pillow
-21 %
Brand: Summer Infant
Perfect pillow for pregnant women to provide good support in the back and stomach while ensuring proper posture hip. It can be used as a nursing pillow and as support to place the baby or to use as a support seat when the baby starts to remain seated. It is removable and washable cover machine to en..
55.20€ 69.90€
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