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1. Ways of ordering:

1.For internet through our web To place your order you should follow the steps that are showing in the selection process producto.2.Por e-mail address to stating:

product reference (title).
color, size, pattern, size ... (the necessary options to define the product)
delivery address.


After sending the order by email, you will receive an email response will indicate where if the order can successfully develop. * the payment can only be made by bank transfer, deposit account.

3.For phone to place your order you can contact us at the number 634504349. * the payment can only be made by bank transfer, deposit account.

2. Products and Pricing: reserves the right to decide, at any time, products are offered to the users through the tienda.Cada product has a profile which contains the description of it and its selling price, VAT is included in prices. The recommended age for each character are orientativo.El final price of a product over its shipping costs may vary depending on the region where the product is, because depending on the geographical area where they send the cost can vary. This cost will have a fixed amount for each geographical area (broken in "SHIPPING AND DELIVERY OF ORDER"). In any event, go stating the delivery address and payment method, the page will offer the exact price at all time of the products. Always before confirming an order, you will be fully informed of all existing cost and accurate prices.
In most cases, the record of a product will have a picture of it, as well as their technical characteristics, which have been obtained from the manufacturer itself or else other publicly available sources.
The final price of the product is listed on the website at the time of placing the order, once it has established a method of payment and delivery location.
The prices displayed on our website may be reviewed and modified if conditions require at any time.

3. Payment:

1.Tarjeta credit: Through the gateway of Caja Castilla la Mancha, any information you transmit to us is encrypted across the network. Also the data on your credit card is not registered in any database but go directly to the POS (Point of Sale Bank) Bank .2.Transferencia: You will receive an e-mail order confirmation to complete your purchase online, in this e-mail contains an order number that should put the concept of the operation and the amount that you have to transfer to:
ING IBAN: ES97 14650100911800027478       

* You will have to make the transfer within 5 business days from the day you placed the order to validate it. Will not be considered until the order is found effectively by our bank that has made the entry.


4. Shipping and Delivery time:

Shipping rates one will have a fixed cost for each geographic area: Peninsula: if the total amount of the purchase is less than 120 € the shipping will have a fixed cost of € 6.95, if the total amount exceeds € 120 shipping cost is free. The possibility to opt for a express delivery (24 / 48h), will increase the total amount € 8 independent is less or greater than 120 € .Canarias / Baleares: shipping will have a fixed cost of 12 €

Ceuta and Melilla: shipping will have a fixed cost of 12 €


Portugal: shipping will have a fixed cost of € 6.95


EU: shipping will have a fixed cost of 20 €


We work with agencies and courier express delivery, orders can be sent via Express Tourline, Chronoexpress, or blue package. Delivery orders subject to availability of the product that is composed.
The order will be delivered in a policy within 5 working days shall run from the time we receive payment confirmation.
Our website contains guidance on the availability of each product. Many references are directly in stock in our warehouses, we must take into account the information from other references are obtained in many cases directly from the manufacturer and can not be updated in real time and may be discrepancies between the exact delivery period reported customer and finally succeeded.
We reserve the right to change the type of shipment and the company for which it is made, regardless of what is stated in these pages provided that no way be detrimental to the client.
Keep in mind that some items have a delivery time specified in the data sheet and the payment methods that require confirmation from our bank affect the delivery time. To calculate the delivery days are taken into account only on weekdays (Monday to Friday).

Delivery will be made to the delivery address indicated on the shipping information of the order. If the delivery address is incorrect, due to an error you made the customer, we will not be liable for the costs that the error involved. As you suggest, you check precisely the direction we finalize the order facilitas.Al take for confirmed delivery address provided, make sure whether the address exists, but not collate directly with the client, and it would take too the delivery process, so the customer agrees to pay second delivery in cases of refunds for incomplete addresses or incorrectas.No be liable if unable to send the requested order due to circumstances beyond its control, including these delays by our suppliers, fires, floods, strikes, electrical problems, etc.

5. Warranty:

The guarantee of each item shall be determined by each manufacturer in their statutes.
To cope with the warranty, you must contact us by sending an e-mail to where indicated: name on invoice, order number, invoice number and cause of the nonconformity. Our team of customer service will tell you the procedure to follow.
The responsibility for errors pursuant good shall be as specified by the fabricante.Si necessary, to make use of the guarantee in the future, it is necessary to save the invoice issued by us and the warranty card accompanying the article.
6. Returns:
The items offered on our website are of highest quality, are manufactured by leading manufacturers of baby products from various European countries. Its manufacture has followed rigorous controls and components and materials are best suited to promote the proper development of children.

Before any refund the customer must contact us, calling us at 634504349 or send us an e-mail to explaining the reason for the return and we will indicate the steps to follow. Customer may return any item within 15 days of delivery, you bought on our website, provided the goods have not been opened or used and retained its original packing or seal (no returns will be accepted that do not bear the added) packaging. The only cost to the customer must assume is transport both outbound and back to our warehouse.
The ability to collect the goods at the address you provided the customer provides, in this case would be charged 10 € peninsula in other locations should first consult the amount.

7. Custom:
We advise you to have special care when entering the name in the custom section, we are not responsible for typing errors caused by the customer. reserves the right to issue orders with texts containing inappropriate language for children's products. gives you the option to choose the color you can customize your product in the list of the product is a section where you can specify the exact color you've chosen to customize appears. In the case of not choosing any color use the default color shown on the image or creating convenient by design, color and composition of the article.